Effectiveness of the 2nd COVID-19 Booster in Nursing Home Residents

The 2nd COVID-19 Booster effectively prevents hospitalizations and deaths among nursing home residents. However, it is less effective in preventing severe infections. A combination of factors causes low vaccination rates in nursing homes. The key drivers are vaccine hesitancy, lack of consent from relatives, and ineligibility for a booster because of receiving a last vaccine […]

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Ruxolitinib for COVID-19-Associated ARDS

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a severe complication of COVID-19. It is associated with a high mortality rate, especially in older patients and those with pulmonary and other comorbidities. In a non-randomized prospective phase II multicenter study, we tested whether treatment with ruxolitinib could improve the outcome of COVID-19 ARDS requiring invasive mechanical ventilation. […]

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